Tuesday, 28 May 2013

PPD//S/S 2013 Print Portfolio

The print version of my portfolio, both ready for industry, the End of Year Show, and for submission of the PPD OUPD301 Module tomorrow afternoon.
A few changes made from the PDF email version, with more images, and less type as I will be there in interviews to talk through the projects, and, as recommended through various portfolio reviews, the type descriptions are a little unnecessary.

So excited to see new projects coming into the portfolio, which I look forward to adding to, and developing, hopefully, for many more years to come!

PPD//S/S 2013 PDF Portfolio

The finalised edition of my Spring / Summer 2013 digital PDF portfolio to burn onto disk for submission for the PPD module, now with the addition of Final Major Project briefs.

This condensed screen based PDF will be used to send to prospective clients and contacts before meeting in person as a "taster" portfolio, along with social media links, and I will also go on to produce a print-ready portfolio for interviews for submission and the University End of Year Show.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

PPD//CV Edits

Edits to my current CV design, working around my existing letterhead design and prints for cost effectiveness, with content changes in regards to my recent employment, and keeping information more direct and condensed. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

PPD//Website Edits

Making some slight yet significant changes to my website this evening in light of the addition of recent Final Major Project briefs, along with changes in regards to my education/employment.

Notably images have been changed to slideshow, text below images, and a condensed bio page.

PPD//LinkedIn Edits

Making a few tweaks and edits to my LinkedIn page in light of recent additional placement and job opportunities, as well as skills and hobbies publicised.

PPD//Behance Page Edits

Making edits and uploading the latest projects from the Final Major Project module onto my Behance account. Along with my website, this has formed one of the most effective ways to showcase my work and to maintain a networking profile online, edited in consistency with my black and white branding colour palette.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Personal & Professional Development III//Employment


I'm very pleased to post that I am in the very fortunate position to now be an employed Graphic Designer. After visiting Sally Beerworth, Creative at The Joy of Ex Foundation (whose work I have admired for some time) in Notting Hill, I have been offered the role of a Designer (all of her design work, to this point, has been outsourced, as she is the head creative copywriter, working independently within her studio), starting in August immediately after my placement at Further (www.furthercreative.co.uk), but starting to work together on a part-time basis until that point.

I'm really excited to get the opportunity to move to London and work with a creative I really admire, and, hopefully, really make my mark on the developing and flourishing business with real heart and humour.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Personal Devlopment III//Propaganda Studio Visit.

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a studio visit to the branding design studio, Propaganda, at Calls Wharf in Leeds.

A fan of Propaganda, and particularly their established creative make up brand, Illamasqua, for some time, along with their incredibly talented designers and excellence in marketing, it was a real privilege to go along to meet Lee Bennett, the Design Director of the studio, and to be able to showcase my portfolio and have a talk about the industry, and my potential place within it. 

He offered some really great advice, and being totally personable, I felt (perhaps for the first time on a studio visit!) completely relaxed, at ease and confident about presenting myself and my work. 

A really great opportunity to get some really great insight, Lee suggested promoting more of a brand development throughout my portfolio, to showcase my thought process, and also to expand upon evidence of my software knowledge and application of design (e.g. stop motion, web design, exploring more diverse processes). 

Feeling really motivated, I can't wait to get involved in the industry now!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Personal Development III//Freelance Recruitment

In light of my recent decision to move to London, along with being offered a temporary internship, I have started to consider the "long run" of living in the city, and, of course, the affordability.

Having met up with a friend in Shoreditch last week, who is a member of the (Advertising) design community, he recommended signing up with freelance recruitment agencies, which I felt was a great idea to ensure my presence is known and I have the potential to gain not only income, but further company contacts and networking credentials within the city.

So far, I have signed up to a few sites for profile building and job searches (see screenshot examples above and below), and will readily pursue this further within the next few weeks and months.

Personal Development III//Tumblr Edits


I spent some time this morning working on refining my existing tumblr blog for personal work, to ensure consistency throughout my personal branding as I actively seek more freelance work and design opportunities upon graduating from University in just a few short weeks.

Not only does this new layout allow for a header/logo bar, but also increases the pixel width of my images, allowing for the highest level of detail to be seen in my work- perfect for mock ups and detailed design, such as my recent web design work for photographer, Jessie Leong (see image below).

Personal Development III//James Maxwell Business Cards

Yesterday morning,  I received the moo printed luxe business cards for James Maxwell through the post, and was able to go on to cut down the designs (with the corner trim).
I was really impressed with the duplex finish by moo (the cards seem to be getting better and better!), and I hope that James will be as pleased with the results too.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Personal Development III//PPD Presentation

In light of my recent internship offer in London, I have made (very slight!) changes to my Personal & Professional Development presentation, to be made next week.

In the midst of real excitement for the future and career prospects, I'm really looking forward to seeing where my peers also currently stand, as well as presenting myself.

PPD//Updated CV

After my interview in London earlier in the week, and considering my experience within the industry to date, I reconsidered my portfolio, and added the 2012 event of my freelance design work being featured in Stylist Magazine as part of an Etsy stockist feature. Hoping that expanding upon, and broadcasting my professional print exposure and experience that it will open up to even greater opportunities.


I'm really excited that, yesterday, after my internship interview on Tuesday, that I've been offered a four week paid internship at Further in Holborn.

Due to the length of the placement, I have also decided to take the plunge and move to London (for a minimum of six months), also having a potential job lined up in August (working as a design assistant for a freelancer whose work I really admire, in Notting Hill), I feel really inspired and motivated to work as hard as possible, and to try to be as actively involved in the design industry as possible.

A very exciting time... I'm really looking forward to trying something new.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FMP | Small Town Ink Event

After visiting the Fedrigoni showroom in Farringdon yesterday, I was really excited to hear about the Small Town Ink event (of which Fedrigoni have supplied stock for) happening at Leeds University next Thursday.

Continuing on with the celebration of traditional print methods in Leeds and throughout the UK, The Print Project will be demonstrating letterpress with workshops, exhibitions, and talks throughout the day. The free event is accessible throughout the day, and I'm certainly looking forward to the experience!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

FMP | London Visit

Today I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to take a day trip down to London for an interview for a design internship at branding studio, Further.

To make the most out of the day, I also arranged a trip to the Fedrigoni showroom in Farringdon, a visit with an old friend and Advertising Agency designer, Jack, in Shoreditch, and a detour to Covent Garden to pick up some Laduree macarons for photographing for my recent 'La Petit Macaron' brief.

Not only was the interview a great opportunity to get formalised feedback from an industry designer (and the potential to gain further work and contacts), but it was great to meet up with Jack and gain a real insight into the day-to-day working life of London, and the ups and downs. But above all, it's given me a real sense of confidence and ambition, and the real hope to be able to work in London in the near future and build my design portfolio and profile to it's full extent.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Personal Development III//James Maxwell Business Cards

Over the past couple of days, not having spoke in a working relationship context for some time (since the end of last year, when we briefly worked together to propose a range of branded stationary outcomes to help promote his personal and professional practice upon graduating from University in S / S 2013), James Maxwell got in contact to discuss printing and finishing business cards to be able to present at his graduation show.
Originally, creating a set of four cards which worked both as separate entities, and as a collective set (demonstrating James's multidisciplinary background), we decided to strip this back, both for practicality and financial reasons, James deciding to title his practice as 'Interior Architecture', and going for a monochromatic duplex print finish, which has been ordered through trusted printers, moo (www.moo.com).

Despite being happy with the quick changes made (to go on to cut and finish the cards when they arrive with me in around a weeks time, to then go on to be sent to James as a finalised design), coincidentally, down to James's design choices, the card is incredibly similar to that of Alex Warren, the Architectural Designer I am currently working with. Although James is okay with this, I will personally choose to not include it in a professional portfolio context, in order to show my own design portfolio variation, and to take away from any potential, and expected, comparisons.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Personal Development III//April 2013 Portfolio & CV

In preparation for a couple of studio visits over the next week, I decided to re-vamp my portfolio, along with my CV, taking the feedback from various other portfolio reviews since the New Year as well as creating more of a 'Work in Progress' section, to showcase some of the forthcoming design projects to come from the Final Major Project (which, unfortunately, at this stage, are not yet complete enough to add in full into the portfolio), but hopefully will provide a prompt for more insight, and a motivation for me to get a real move on with the design brief progression.

I'm looking forward to discussing my work with the studios, and hopefully having real confidence in my aims, ambitions, and design direction upon graduating University.

Personal Development III//PPD Presentation 2013

This afternoon and evening, I have been working on the development of my Personal & Professional Development Presentation which I will present to the tutor group in a couple of weeks time.

Despite the fact that some particular elements are liable to change, in particular, plans for employment and my involvement within the industry, having applied for several positions in recent weeks and months, the integral message of the presentation will stay the same.

I hope, working on it at this early(ish) stage, will give me good time for reflection and consideration of the presentation, and ensuring that I get all of my most significant and profoundest hopes and reflections across to my tutors and peers alike.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Personal Development III//Jack Tyson

Over the past couple of weeks I've been very fortunate to work with global (but currently Leeds - based) make up artist, Jack Tyson, developing his own, unique face chart to use for make up and model sketch ups before commissions and shoots, as is common place within the industry.

Jack wanted a high end, and slightly androgynous look, with large, yet reasonably soft features to create a balance and neutrality that would suit a wide variety of models that he works with (both male and female).

The design was really stripped back, and after various developmental stages, and working from the hand rendered illustration into a vector based design, we're both really happy with the results, and look forward to hopefully continuing to work with him in the future. A very happy working relationship.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Personal Development III//Job Application to Nightingale Poetry

Hoping to maintain the job application train, this evening I was fortunate enough to come across another Graphic Design job site, Design Jobs Board, which offered a vast array of truly desirable positions and vacancies in the industry. Having compiled a short list of jobs I particularly like the look of, I first applied to Nightingale Poetry, a start up poetry company in London, looking for a Design Intern (with the view of, potentially, more of a full time position at a later date). Although, financially, it would perhaps be a riskier application (having to also balance another job to be financially secure in London), it sounds like a great company, and I am very fond of their existing design, ethos, and the nature of the company, having wanted to work within the publishing industry from a young age. 

Looking forward to hopefully hearing back from the team in the near future!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Personal Development III//Sumo Vacany

After discussing with a friend (and fellow BAGDer) this morning that I didn't plan to apply for any more jobs until after Easter, the first thing I did when I got back from Uni this morning, was, of course, to apply for a job.

Promoted to the application by a designer I had the pleasure to work alongside whilst on an industry placement at Glad, North-East design studio, Sumo, which I have admired since being introduced last summer, are looking for a new designer for the team.
With a lot of love for both the studio, and for Newcastle, I knew I had to apply. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Personal Development III//Self Promotion & Portfolio Talk

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity, having been approached by the FE to HE department, to go down to the Art & Design Access Students at the Leeds College of Art college campus to talk about my portfolio and methods of self promotion to consider if pursuing a degree or career in Graphic Design. 

It was really flattering to have been asked to go along (and even better to have got paid for it...) to showcase my portfolio, discuss my work, and give advice to the Access group, as well as answering questions they had and talking about my work in general, and, overall, it felt like a really rewarding experience, and something to really enjoy.

This has also opened up the offer from the department to work on some of the printed materials for the promotion of FE to HE work and working with schools in the community to promote the college once I've left Uni which would be something really exciting to do, and a great asset to my commercial design portfolio.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Personal Development III//Elle Decoration Task Design.

Today I spent the vast majority of the day working on the design proposals for submission (by Monday) from my interview at Elle Decoration earlier in the week.
Assigned the task by the Art Director, I felt this would be a really good opportunity to showcase my knowledge of the industry, my skills, and, most importantly, at this point, my ability to contribute new and exciting ideas to the magazine, which, as stated on Thursday, was really important in this position.

I'm really looking forward to hopefully hearing (positive) feedback soon, and feel it was a great opportunity for me to experiment with a very different type of editorial design to what I would ordinarily work with (but hope to do a lot more so in the future).

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Personal Development III//Job Interview at Elle Decoration.

On Thursday I went down to London for my job interview for the position of Junior Designer at Elle Decoration magazine. Travelling down early in the morning for a late afternoon interview gave me a great opportunity to also visit the area, around Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street, visiting stores such as Liberty and Burberry for inspiration, also, taking advantage of the rare opportunity I get to go to the capital.

The interview itself, I think, went quite well, meeting the Art Director was a great experience, and it was great to hear some of his opinions, background, and particular interest he has in the development of the magazine. Yesterday I was sent a task by the design team of redesigning a couple of spreads within the magazine, as well as sourcing some design of my own taste/concepts behind the design direction and content for the magazine, to get more of a feel for what I could bring to the design development. I'm really excited to get started, and although in for Monday, it will be no mean feat, hopefully I can make a really positive impression and showcase my capabilities to the highest standard.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Personal Development III//Job Interview at Elle Decoration

Very excited that after applying for a position as a Junior Designer at Elle Decoration Magazine (part of the Hearst Magazine company in the City of Westminster, London), I have been invited along for an interview on Thursday afternoon.

At this point, I'm just really excited to show my portfolio and hopefully meet some really inspiring and influential members of the industry on my trip, possibly to even gain an internship or industry experience, if not the job itself.

Can't wait! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Personal Development III//Design Submission to To Dry For.

Really excited today to have been forwarded an email through from staff at the University (always a great privilege to get all the work done for you...!) for a design competition from tea towel producers, 'To Dry For', which sell unique and beautifully illustrated tea towel designs for contemporary homes.

During the end of the first year, whilst working on developing a nutritional design project, I used To Dry For as a contextual source of inspiration as I went on to develop my own tea towel designs, and have been a great fan of them ever since, selling work of designers I also really admire and first got me into designing, such as Julia Pott, Gemma Correll and Rob Ryan.

I've submitted with a sweet but simple typographic design (seen above), playing on the food themes that are quite consistent in their retail portfolio, as well as mixing up the colours to represent neopolitan ice cream for a fun splash of colour, but, again, keeping it quite simple to be easily, and commercially screenprinted.

Really pleased to submit, even if they just become familiar with my work and practice, which could potentially lead on to a working relationship at a later point in my freelance career.

Personal Development III//Re-joining LinkedIn

After my PPD and tutorial crit last week, and a good discussion with tutor John about preparing for my future and employment, and decided to re-join LinkedIn.

At this crucial stage of my education, and as I go on to look for jobs, and developing my career, I feel it's important to build a network and connections with as many active members of the design industry as possible, as, of course, more often than not, it's about WHO you know. Also, I feel that developing a communication and conversation with members of the industry will only help in building my confidence when talking with others, particularly about design, and, hopefully, will put me in the best frame of mind when (hopefully!) I start having interviews and call backs for job applications.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Personal Development III//Behance Student Competition

This evening I was sent a direct email from the team at Behance to suggest that I submit work for the Talent Search: Student Edition, which, of course, I was really enthusiastic to enter (any opportunity to promote both my work and myself personally is really great at this crucial point in my degree). After reading the terms and conditions, I decided to enter my design work for this year's YCN and UK Greetings awards, feeling that it, at this stage, potentially has the most design development and consideration for branding, colour palette and typographic layout, as well as commercial strength.

There's some great projects submitted so far, and I feel very pleased to be one of them. Looking forward to hearing the results soon!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Professional Development III//Agent 18 Licensing Deal.

Over the past couple of days I have been in touch with US comapny, Agent 18. After initially being contacted through my Flickr account, we have developed a working relationship, and, very excitingly for me, I have set up a licensing agreement for some of my existing print and pattern work (from my 'Design a Day' archive) to be used and commercially printed for the company as iPhone covers. 

I'm really excited to see my work available to purchase online, particularly in such a unique and, to me, completely new way, and, hopefully a few freebies while I'm at it too!