Wednesday, 28 December 2011

More Design Studios//Contacts//Potential Work Experience.

Beginning to research more design studios to add to my existing contact list for potential work experience and industry placements in the new year- having sourced some really fantastic looking companies, which I feel I could fit well into, and/or could learn a lot from, aligned with my particular fields of interest 
within the wider design field.
Once I have worked on my re-branding design and produced an innovative and insightful portfolio of work (PDF?) to send to the studios, I will be in contact as soon as possible- looking for a work placement in the summer, or potentially even sooner in the Easter break.

Taxi Studio- heard a lot about them in the past, a very impressive and broad range of designs within their portfolio- and, if their website is anything to go by, (and I do, admittedly, judge a company by their website...) they look very fun, playful and innovative (love the "wheel of fortune- esque feature on the site). Also, an added bonus, their studio is in Bristol- somewhere I would definitely consider moving to after graduation- would be a great insight into working life in the city, and to see whether or not it would live up to my hopes and expectations.


93 Princess Victoria Street

0117 973 5151


Send CV and work samples to Terry (Design Studio Manager)

Wonderful packaging and branding design- burst* appear to be a very youthful, fun, and stylish company- certainly the sort of design (in their portfolio) that I aspire to achieve myself, and really admire.

2-4 Dubarry House, 
Hove Park Villas, 

+44 (0)1273 731110


A truly amazing website (the homepage is quite sensational)- I couldn't help but smile when I came across their design work. Fun, youthful (they boast about the average age of 25 and 50/50 split of male/females- a great place for me, getting on with both genders, and, of course, being a young student designer). Really good mix of design work in their design portfolio.


Creative Orchestra
206 Belgravia Workshops
159-163 Marlborough Road,
N19 4NR

0207 272 2297


07778 05 66 86

077 46 95 2072

Pearlfisher... you are... THE ONE. I think I may have found my dream work placement company- really excited about their work and their ethos, sounds like just my cup of tea! And, whatsmore... they designed the typeface for the Innocent Brand. Swoon. My branding is now an absolute priority so I can get in touch re work placements... exciting times!


50 Brook Green 
W6 7BJ England
T  +44 (0)20 7603 8666

Nellie Veltman


In your email:

– Tell us why you want to work for Pearlfisher

– Write a couple of lines about a brand you are particularly passionate about, giving your reasons

– Include a PDF portfolio of your proudest work

– And let us know any other creative things you get up to in your spare time including any blogs, MySpace pages or websites that show us what you're capable of.

Pearlfisher London:

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Freelance//Preparation/To-Do List.

A personal list of (long overdue!) freelance and preparatory work for personal development throughout the next month and through the festive period before returning to Uni in January;

- Redesign blog headers
- Peter Pan 6-9 month onesie for Ethan/Ally
- Seagull 6-9 month onesie for Ewan/Emma Bevan
- James M Business Card (Architect)
- Amelia E Business Card (Private Tutor)
- Redesign/Rebrand own work/business card
- Add to Behance/Cargo
- Start applying for work placements Summer 2012

Enterprise//Potential Business Ideas for Enterprise Group.

Before returning to University, after the Christmas break, in January, I have begun to consider potential design paths/business proposals to persue within our Enterprise group- already having discussed a few ideas with other members, which seemed to be taken quite well, and felt like an appropriate and suited design path to follow. 

Written below are some general considerations for the business proposition, along with notes about each specific group member- what I assume to be strengths in their design practice, or what interests have been announced since working together, along with the aforementioned business plan ideas thus far.


Eddie Cooper

Illustrative design- hand rendered and vector-based, tablet skills
Printed publications, book, journals, zines, etc
Book binding, book making
Innovative ideas and concepts
Fun, playful design

Matt Chatfield

Vector based design
Bold use of colour
Packaging design

Chris Van Niekerk

Type and printed publications
Identity and Branding
Vector-based design
Photography (DSLR//35mm)  

Sarah Roberts

Illustrative design- hand rendered and vector- based
Tablet skills
Type, printed publication, layout
Book binding
Magazine and book/Grid
Photography (DSLR//35mm)

Sophie Wilson (Myself)

Fun, playful design
Illustration- Hand Rendered and Vector-based
Book binding
Networking & Communications
Photography (DLSR//35mm)


- Zine & Journals printing/retailer- own designs and the promotion of local designers
- Traditional print company- inspiration from existing companies such as 'Awesome Merchandise'
- Hand-printed stationers- creating unique repeat pattern, logo, illustrative designs at competitive prices
- Design network for illustrative/print-based designers, networking platform tool

* This idea went down really well with the group- potential for us to actively design ourselves whilst also working and networking with others. Online as well as physical retail space sales, a lot of potential to cover branding, identity, logo, etc- keeps everyone satisfied.



Enterprise//Preparation/To-Do List.

A to-do list of the work to complete throughout the festive holiday in preparation for the return back to Uni at the beginning of January;

- List potential ideas on blog
- Task V Research
- Check all tasks are completed

Friday, 16 December 2011

Wizarding Winter Fair//Macclesfield Craft Fair 2011.

On Friday 16th December, I travelled down from the end of term of University at Leeds to Maccelsfield public library for The Wizarding Winter Fair- a Harry Potter-themed arts and music tribute event, which I was asked about through my Etsy store, when one of the organisers, Laura Crow, spotted the Harry Potter cards and bookmarks I sold within my online shop.

Very tired travelling down with all my belongings for the holiday break, along with sale stock, I didn't feel as prepared as I could have been- and a little short on stock (having rushed up some more designs in the past twenty-four hours- Uni gives me limited time for outside work!)- but with my lovely Mum meeting me half way in Macclesfield (between Uni at Leeds and home in Shropshire) and a trusted Innocent Smoothie by my side- I was really pleased with the feedback and sales- matching my day at Reetsweet (Sunday) in just three hours- yay.

For me, the fair, all in all, wasn't ideal- it was a tiny room, poorly sign posted and a little dated for my liking- though the people were friendly and enthusiastic- so I shouldn't complain too much! Sales were good, but it did prove quite a challenge to get there considering my luggage, train journey, poor winter weather, etc. Definitely a learning curve- but, again, I still made money (horray!)- I think I've just been spoilt with the amazingness of Reetsweet! Still, a great experience- my second craft fair, done! Hopefully, there will be many more to come!

- Pictures above taken by organisers at the Wizarding Winter Fair- please ignore my grimace "I hate my picture being taken" face.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Enterprise//My Skills Set & Interests.

Starting to seriously consider important factors for the development of the enterprise project, I decided to make a list of important skills and interests I believe I can bring to the group for future reference and guidance.


- Environmentally aware
- Ethically lead
- Publishing
- Illustration
- Retail
- Animation
- Entrepreneurship
- Freelance
- Infographics
- Vector design
- Photography
- Branding & Identity


- Hard working
- Organised
- Contacts
- Networking
- Motivated
- Finance
- Freelance
- Leadership
- Creativity
- Illustration
- Crafting
- Meticulous
- Tea & Cake!


- Clockwork
- Grid
- Güd

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Enterprise Business Group.

Very pleased to "announce" the newly formed group for the Enterprise Business Plan Module Presentation Brief.
The members of the group include:

Matt Chatfield
Eddie Cooper
Sarah Roberts
Chris Van Niekerk
Sophie Wilson (myself)

Really excited to be working with the group- I'm close to Sarah, I feel we have a lot in common in both life and work, and have always enjoyed the company of the three guys. I feel we offer a wide variety of skills which will still compliment each other with our ways of working, and, from seeing our design outcomes, the styles of our work.

All future group meetings and discussions we be blogged as and when they occur, along with idea generation for business plans.

TestSpace: Christmas Wrapping.

Great news from the weekend's Reetsweet Craft Fair- I was approached about selling in the Corn Exhchange's hosting of TestSpace: Christmas Wrapping- a two week pop up shop which will sell a selection of my printed work with a 30% commission charge (the same as the shop 'Nook & Cranny' which I stock in Liverpool). Taking my work down to the shop space tomorrow afternoon!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Reetsweet Christmas Fair Weekend.

Photographs taken from this weekend's Reetsweet Craft Fair (at The Corn Exchange, Leeds City Centre) where I was fortunate enough to be given my own stall to sell my design work- my very first craft fair!- (that I have made throughout my time at Uni, as well as my spare time, and sell online- mostly through my Etsy store: Unfortunately I forgot my camera on Saturday- the first day of the weekend's sales, so the pictures above don't show the full extent of my stock (around half)- unable to restock in the evening before the second day. 
I was really pleased I got to be part of such a great event- it was hugely busy (thank you Christmas!) and I generated the same amount of income in the first day that I would usually bring in over the space of a month through online sales! Horray. Great opportunity to network and talk to the other stall owners too- finding out that I (at 19) am the youngest person ever to have a stall at Reetsweet!

Highlights of the weekend:

1//Talking to lovely people, networking- getting a chance to be "seen".
2//Selling two pieces of work to Uni tutors- thanks Amber and Jane!
3//Meeting personal hero, Culture Show Presenter and Guardian Architectural Journalist, Tom Dyckhoff (I went all fangirly and nerdy).
4// Making money! (All to go on printing for another craft fair in two weeks time...!)
5// Getting a bulk order of £100 worth of stock to sell at the Testspace Leeds Corn Exchange Pop Up Shop until 23rd December.

Good times! Now... to work through that massive mound of Uni work...