Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Industry//Studio Feedback//Morris Pinewood Stockholm.

A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to have my online Behance profile "followed" by a wonderful design studio, Morris Pinewood Stockholm, who, admittedly, were new to me, but I really admired their work, and see their design style as something that I really aspire to within my own design practice.

I sent an email along telling them how much I liked their versatility and creativity within their portfolio, and they were kind enough to send a reply back, even more kindly offering real compliments about my work, which, of course, is always uplifting. After this simple networking experience, I'm going to look out for more simple opportunities for contact such as this to enable that I can maintain and develop as many contacts in the industry as possible, both nationally and internationally.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Studio Visit//The Archipelago.

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have been (the first student!) invited along to the Leeds- based 'Tower Works' design studio, 'The Archipelago', which is run by Vis Com graduate, Mike Lewis, of whom used to run the Saltaire- based studio, 'Studio Mik Mik', under which pseudonym, I originally contacted a year ago.

Spending around an hour in the studio, chatting with Mike about his portfolio, design methods, talking about University and also having the opportunity to show Mike my own portfolio too. It was really great discussing work with him, and getting some inspiration for the future development of my work, especially discussing my projects for next year, which have given me a great deal more insight and ideas development, again, really excited to get started.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Industry//Creativatree NYC Job Offer.


A couple of weeks ago, entirely out of the blue, and a little unusual, though, of course, very flatteringly, I was sent an email via my Behance portfolio account from a recruiter at the New York City based advertising agency, Creativatree, with a potential job offer, to work for one of their clients as a designer.

Of course, as aforementioned, although out of the blue, the offer was, naturally, really appreciated, and although I know I'm very lucky, it just isn't appropriate for where I'm currently at in terms of my design education, and I don't feel prepared enough, or that I have enough experience at this time.

However, it's certainly given me optimism for the future, and something potentially to aim for after graduation. Replying to the recruiter, I have asked to keep in touch, so hopefully they'll be a connection there for me to hold on to, and hopefully benefit from in my future prospects. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Studio Visit//Print Visit//Pressision.

When visiting Joe Gilmore at his home studio, Qubik, a couple of weeks ago, one of the main topics we discussed, of course, was printing, and Joe told me about the local printer he uses, Pressision, and the printer he works closely with, Richard.

Joe was kind enough to give me the contact details, and show me some examples of the print work produced, and suggested, as BAGD students have in the past, contacting him with a group of fellow students about a print visit, and to potentially create a close contact for print projects and promotional material throughout the year. As a local facility, this would, of course, be ideal, and something that I'm now discussing and planning with a group of my close friends from within the course. Something to really look forward to, and to plan once the timetables for our working week have become a little more defined. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Industry Experience//Wonder Stuff Studio.

Again, I feel really lucky that I've been offered (even!) more industry experience after applying to around eight new Newcastle upon Tyne based studios in the past couple of weeks.

One of the studios, Wonder Stuff Studio, based just outside of the city centre in Gosforth, really appealed to me, as there was a real mix of projects, with a specialism in branding and identity, but with enough diversity within the portfolio (particularly within digital design) to ensure that I would learn a lot whilst I'm there.

Initially, I was contacted last week by the studio director, Paul, about starting the Monday of this week, for two weeks, but unfortunately I just wouldn't be able to make such a quick turn-around in terms of finding accommodation and, of course, being able to afford it at such short notice. 

However, very kindly, we've discussed other date options, and have talked about me going up in the October reading week (week starting 29th October), and potentially staying for a week after then also. At this point I'll have a loan and more time to prepare in balance with all of my other responsibilities this summer, so, really, it would be ideal.

Really looking forward to seeing where this contact and potential work will take me in the future, and looking forward to finalising a date and getting prepared for more industry experience yet to come!

Industry Experience//Founded.

After contacting them initially around a week ago, I've been lucky enough to have been offered a week's worth of work experience from branding design studio, Founded, which is based just off the main street (Grey Street) in Newcastle upon Tyne, and whilst I was at Glad, my friend and fellow BAGDer, was experiencing a work placement there, which has proved to be really insightful as I've learnt a little about the studio, the practice, and the people that work there.

Fortunately, they were also kind enough to let me come to work the week before my planned week with Perro, so it will mean, although I won't be able to stay in accommodation with Steph again for the week, it fits in a lot more effectively with my plans, and means that I can have a total week of independence, which, although daunting, I'm sure, will be very rewarding.

Studio Visit//The Archipelago.

After a year of persistence and lots of "I'll get back in touch at a later date" (due to two studio moves in the space of a year!) I'm really pleased that I've finally been able to have confirmed a studio visit to Graphic Design co-operative studio, The Archipelago, which is run by Designer Mike Lewis (a previous Leeds College of Art and Design student), who, when I first spoke to him, was running the Shipley-based illustrative design studio, Studio Mik Mik. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing their new working environment at The Tower Works in Leeds, especially as it is a co-operative studio, which is something through the enterprise module I feel I know a little bit more about, and particularly interests me in terms of my own future design practice, so I'm really excited to find out more about their practice, and how working alongside other designers can help persuade, influence and inform their own individual work and finalised portfolio outcomes.

Studio Visit//Pearlfisher.

Today, after around six weeks from my previous interview in Hammersmith, I received an email reply from Pearlfisher, unfortunately, not being able to offer me a placement at this time, which although unfortunate, I'm not too worried about. The process for applying for a placement for Pearlfisher was very extensive with a written statement application and portfolio review even before the interview stage, so I was well aware how popular the process may be.

Again, although a shame, I'm in the fortunate position to have been kept very busy with other opportunities, and will certainly keep an eye open for more opportunities with Pearlfisher throughout the year and after graduation.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Studio Visit//Precept.

Over the past few days, having been lucky enough to have received another kind reply from one of the Newcastle upon Tyne studios I have recently contacted, Precept, I have been talking with the Creative/Studio Director, Nick, about potentially going and spending some time working in the studio with them, particularly as they are in the beginnings of setting up an internship programme to support emerging designers, which sounds particularly promising.

We've agreed (but will settle a date at a later time) that I'll go in one of my lunchbreaks/after work to see the guys in the studio whilst I'm working at Perro, which I have already booked for the first week of September, so I'll get two birds with one stone.

I'm definitely feeling really lucky at the moment with the sudden burst of replies and interest. Newcastle is the way forward!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Studio Visits//Qubik.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been invited along to the home studio, Qubik, which was established and directed by designer, and past Leeds College of Art tutor, Joe Gilmore, whom, unfortunately, I hadn't had the opportunity to meet whilst he was still teaching.

The studio itself was great, really well-lit, clean, yet, of course, being in Joe's family home, it still felt warm and relaxing, as opposed to many studios, which end up being far more sterile working environments. It was great to spend an hour talking about Joe's practice, showing me some publications and typographically-led designs that he's currently working on, as well as a multitude of wonderful examples of work that he finds inspirational, which are very welcome additions to the studio shelves. 

I was also lucky enough to be prompted to show Joe my design portfolio, and, in reflection to his own design practice, seemed to be really interested in my type and layout design work, which is certainly something I want to develop and work on next year, as, despite it being something I've perhaps neglected a little so far in my design practice, it's certainly something that I really enjoy.

To top off a really fun and interesting afternoon, Joe kindly offered me his time in the way of a placement, which we've agreed to talk more about in September when our schedules are a little more organised, though I would be looking to go in for one day a week for the academic year, which, I know, is just a great opportunity, and am really excited about taking up.

Some of the students from Graphic Design that have worked with Joe in terms of placements include wonderful designers such as Arthur Carey, Aaron Skipper and Tim Wan, and to be added to that list is something I'm so looking forward.

Bring on September!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Industry Experience//Perro.

Over the past couple of days I've been lucky enough to get in touch with, and organise another week-long studio placement with Newcastle- based design agency, Perro, which I first learnt about thanks to my fellow work placement companion, Ben, whilst working at Glad (in Gateshead) a couple of weeks ago, so now, more than ever, I'm really appreciative to have made that contact and connection which has helped me to gain this work experience.

I'll be starting on the first week of September, having synchronised working times once more with friend and BAGDer Steph, so I will be able to stay with her in Northumberland and commute in each day, keeping costs down, paying only travel expenses, and will be starting at 9.30 in the morning.

I'm really excited to be working with Perro, to hopefully learn a great deal more, once again, about the industry and my future role within it. From what I have gathered from their online portfolio and bio, as well as what I was told by Ben, the company is quite corporate (not something I'm really used to), with many industry contacts and clients, and I will probably learn a great deal about finance and business, as well as the design practice.

Really excited to get started again!