Thursday, 14 March 2013

Personal Development III//Job Application to Nightingale Poetry

Hoping to maintain the job application train, this evening I was fortunate enough to come across another Graphic Design job site, Design Jobs Board, which offered a vast array of truly desirable positions and vacancies in the industry. Having compiled a short list of jobs I particularly like the look of, I first applied to Nightingale Poetry, a start up poetry company in London, looking for a Design Intern (with the view of, potentially, more of a full time position at a later date). Although, financially, it would perhaps be a riskier application (having to also balance another job to be financially secure in London), it sounds like a great company, and I am very fond of their existing design, ethos, and the nature of the company, having wanted to work within the publishing industry from a young age. 

Looking forward to hopefully hearing back from the team in the near future!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Personal Development III//Sumo Vacany

After discussing with a friend (and fellow BAGDer) this morning that I didn't plan to apply for any more jobs until after Easter, the first thing I did when I got back from Uni this morning, was, of course, to apply for a job.

Promoted to the application by a designer I had the pleasure to work alongside whilst on an industry placement at Glad, North-East design studio, Sumo, which I have admired since being introduced last summer, are looking for a new designer for the team.
With a lot of love for both the studio, and for Newcastle, I knew I had to apply. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Personal Development III//Self Promotion & Portfolio Talk

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity, having been approached by the FE to HE department, to go down to the Art & Design Access Students at the Leeds College of Art college campus to talk about my portfolio and methods of self promotion to consider if pursuing a degree or career in Graphic Design. 

It was really flattering to have been asked to go along (and even better to have got paid for it...) to showcase my portfolio, discuss my work, and give advice to the Access group, as well as answering questions they had and talking about my work in general, and, overall, it felt like a really rewarding experience, and something to really enjoy.

This has also opened up the offer from the department to work on some of the printed materials for the promotion of FE to HE work and working with schools in the community to promote the college once I've left Uni which would be something really exciting to do, and a great asset to my commercial design portfolio.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Personal Development III//Elle Decoration Task Design.

Today I spent the vast majority of the day working on the design proposals for submission (by Monday) from my interview at Elle Decoration earlier in the week.
Assigned the task by the Art Director, I felt this would be a really good opportunity to showcase my knowledge of the industry, my skills, and, most importantly, at this point, my ability to contribute new and exciting ideas to the magazine, which, as stated on Thursday, was really important in this position.

I'm really looking forward to hopefully hearing (positive) feedback soon, and feel it was a great opportunity for me to experiment with a very different type of editorial design to what I would ordinarily work with (but hope to do a lot more so in the future).

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Personal Development III//Job Interview at Elle Decoration.

On Thursday I went down to London for my job interview for the position of Junior Designer at Elle Decoration magazine. Travelling down early in the morning for a late afternoon interview gave me a great opportunity to also visit the area, around Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street, visiting stores such as Liberty and Burberry for inspiration, also, taking advantage of the rare opportunity I get to go to the capital.

The interview itself, I think, went quite well, meeting the Art Director was a great experience, and it was great to hear some of his opinions, background, and particular interest he has in the development of the magazine. Yesterday I was sent a task by the design team of redesigning a couple of spreads within the magazine, as well as sourcing some design of my own taste/concepts behind the design direction and content for the magazine, to get more of a feel for what I could bring to the design development. I'm really excited to get started, and although in for Monday, it will be no mean feat, hopefully I can make a really positive impression and showcase my capabilities to the highest standard.