Tuesday 28 May 2013

PPD//S/S 2013 Print Portfolio

The print version of my portfolio, both ready for industry, the End of Year Show, and for submission of the PPD OUPD301 Module tomorrow afternoon.
A few changes made from the PDF email version, with more images, and less type as I will be there in interviews to talk through the projects, and, as recommended through various portfolio reviews, the type descriptions are a little unnecessary.

So excited to see new projects coming into the portfolio, which I look forward to adding to, and developing, hopefully, for many more years to come!

PPD//S/S 2013 PDF Portfolio

The finalised edition of my Spring / Summer 2013 digital PDF portfolio to burn onto disk for submission for the PPD module, now with the addition of Final Major Project briefs.

This condensed screen based PDF will be used to send to prospective clients and contacts before meeting in person as a "taster" portfolio, along with social media links, and I will also go on to produce a print-ready portfolio for interviews for submission and the University End of Year Show.

Sunday 26 May 2013

PPD//CV Edits

Edits to my current CV design, working around my existing letterhead design and prints for cost effectiveness, with content changes in regards to my recent employment, and keeping information more direct and condensed. 

Saturday 25 May 2013

PPD//Website Edits

Making some slight yet significant changes to my website this evening in light of the addition of recent Final Major Project briefs, along with changes in regards to my education/employment.

Notably images have been changed to slideshow, text below images, and a condensed bio page.

PPD//LinkedIn Edits

Making a few tweaks and edits to my LinkedIn page in light of recent additional placement and job opportunities, as well as skills and hobbies publicised.

PPD//Behance Page Edits

Making edits and uploading the latest projects from the Final Major Project module onto my Behance account. Along with my website, this has formed one of the most effective ways to showcase my work and to maintain a networking profile online, edited in consistency with my black and white branding colour palette.

Monday 6 May 2013

Personal & Professional Development III//Employment


I'm very pleased to post that I am in the very fortunate position to now be an employed Graphic Designer. After visiting Sally Beerworth, Creative at The Joy of Ex Foundation (whose work I have admired for some time) in Notting Hill, I have been offered the role of a Designer (all of her design work, to this point, has been outsourced, as she is the head creative copywriter, working independently within her studio), starting in August immediately after my placement at Further (www.furthercreative.co.uk), but starting to work together on a part-time basis until that point.

I'm really excited to get the opportunity to move to London and work with a creative I really admire, and, hopefully, really make my mark on the developing and flourishing business with real heart and humour.