Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Commisioned Photoshoot.

On Tuesday 18th January 2011, I was asked by the marketing team based at my University to partake in a photoshoot to create a couple of promotional images to celebrate the fund raising that BA (Hons) student Hannah had promoted by auctioned a coat which she designed and hand-crafted. 

As a student ambassador with a keen interest in photography, I happily took the oppurtunity to experiment with my hobby, and perhaps gain a little knowledge and experience- as well as hopefully benefiting Hannah and the marketing team too.

I would say that the experience was...mixed. There were many unavoidable, yet unforseen troubles in regards to lighting, relfections and the dullness of photographs due to the location they were requested to be taken in, and there were only a small handful that I would necessarily have used. However, if was a fun experience to work with someone new and completely unknown to me (the model Kate was wonderful, and clearly a natural!), and I would certainly like to partake in a venture like this again, if I were required, as it has given me further insight and an even greater thirst to persue this particular field of design.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Time Management: Feedback and Response.

In today's time mangament lesson, we discussed our week and how we had spent it- how we used time constructively, and how we wasted it.

I found the task really interesting, and was surprised by my records- especially the amount I sleep...I swear I'm not normally THAT lazy...

Topics we discussed included...


*set goals
*break down a job into individual tasks
*schedule tasks
*recognise time required to plan
*label priorities 'A' and others 'B'- do all the 'A's' first
*Leave the fun things until last


*completion of tasks
*more time for recreation
*more naps!

Hints and Tips:

*Be realistic- learn what your potential is. If anything will take 5 minutes- do it immediately
*Make self-imposed deadlines feel real- use others to structure your time
*Take breaks, avoid disctractionns, know the difference
*Working environment- what suits you?
*Restrict workspace to one project at a time


I would like to be confident and comfortable in my own abilities- feeling that I have more of a directional style, and the ability to apply it to various medias, as well as promoting it to the very best of my ability.

I would love to work freelance- I love the possibilities it can open up, and the sense of freedom.
So many people I know around me tell me to be wary of it, or avoid it all together- "it's not a steady source of income- you might not get work for a long time"...i like a challenge.

Right now, I want to be a children's book author and illustrator. That's what I've wanted to do for most of my life, but then again i've wanted to be a neurologist and a beekeeper too, so I'm flexible.

There's no place like home, but home is where the heart is. I'd love to stay in this country, but I'll go to wherever my heart and mind tell me I should be jetting off to.

There are so many practices, and even day-to-day activities which are hugely important and influentual on my every day life. Love, laughter, childhood reminising- they are all a huge inspiration. I want to feel content with what I'm doing each day, no matter what it is.
Right now, that's illustration and photography...but ask me again in three years or so.

Time Management: My Week in a Blog.

Saturday 15th January 2011.

* 00:00-00:30 blogging
* 00:30-01:00 excersing
* 01:00-01:40 reading
* 01:40- 10:00 sleeping (!)
* 10:00-10:30 shower
* 10:30- 11:00 dressed and make-up
* 11:00- 11:08 eating breakfast
* 11:08-12:05 curling hair
* 12:05-12:25 tidying and cleaning kitchen
* 12:25-12:48 cooking lunch
* 12:48-13:00 eating lunch
* 13:00- 13:30 playing guitar
*13:30- 15:40 graphics work and blogging
*15:40-16:15 tidying up room, getting ready to go out
*16:15-16:45 walk to the train station
*17:00 train leaves (to Burley Park)
*17:10 arrive in Burley Park to go to partner's house
*17:30 eat tea
*18:00-21:00 graphics work (researching celebrity moustaches)
*21:00-21:30 playing accordian with Alex
*21:30-22:30 watched Pete Pothleswaite tribute- iplayer
*22:30- 08:40 SLEEP!

Sunday 16th January 2011.

*08:40-09:15 get up, ready, changed, make-up
*09:15-10:10 breakfast
*10:10-10:20 walk to the train station
*10:20-10:50- train back, walk home
*10:50-11:05 catch-up on e-mails
*11:05-13:40 visual language graphics work
*13:40-13:50 eating lunch
*13:50-15:00 visual language graphics work
*15:00-15:30 hoovering and tidying
*15:30-16:00 e-mail catch-up
*16:00-17:30 blogging
*17:30-18:20 tea
*18:20-21:05 graphics visual language work
*21:05- 21:40 tea break
*21:40-23:50 graphics visual language work
*23:50-00:30 tidying room, getting ready for bed, etc
*00:30-01:50 curling hair
*01:50-07:25 SLEEP!

Monday 17th January 2011.

*07:25-08:15 getting dressed, make-up,breakfast, etc
*08:15-08:45 walk to uni 
*09:30 project briefing with fred
*10:40 morning break
*11:00 workshop with amber
*12:00 lunch
*12:30 e-mailing, blogging
*13:30 go to waterstone's- primary research, existing products
*15:30 back home
*15:40 blogging
*16:00 washing plates making tea (for break)
*17:00 tea time
*17:50-12:40 blogging
*12:40-01:50 curling hair
*01:50-07:30 SLEEP(!)

Tuesday 18th January 2011.

*07:30- wake up, get changed, etc. breakfast
*08:20- leave house for uni
*08:45- arrive at uni
*09:00- collect camera equipment from photography
*09:15 blogging and visual langauge graphics work
*10:00- talking to marketing at uni, photography commission
*10:30- visual language graphics work
*11:20- tutorial with Richard Miles
*12:00- lunch
*12:30- blogging
*13:00- visual language lesson with Amber
*15:00- end of uni day 
*16:10- collect photographic equipment
*16:15-17:30- photoshoot for LCA fashion and promotions
*18:00- walk home, tea time
*18:20- working at Nisa (part-time job)
*00:45- get home, editing photographs from fashion shoot
*04:30- SLEEP(!)

Wednesday 19th January 2011.

*08:45- wake up
*08:45-09:45- shower, get dressed, eat breakfast
*10:00- go to Merrion Centre 3 store to renew phone contract
*11:00- Morrison's food shopping, walk back home
*12:00- walk to uni
*12:30-12:45- talking to Baljeet in the graphics studio
*12:45-15:45- interviewing potential students for 2010/11 enrollment (student ambassador duties)
*16:00- walk home
*17:00- cooking and preperating tea
*18:30- alex staying over
*19:30- blogging and catching-up on graphics work for collection 100 plus other briefs.
*22:30- 08:00- SLEEP (!)

Thursday 20th January 2011.

*08:00- wake up
*08:45- leave for uni
*09:30-12:00- moving image workshop
*12:00-12:30- lunch
*12:30-13:00- collecting photography equipment
*13:30- walk back home 
*13:45-14:15- blogging
*14:15- 14:30- snack break(!)
*14:30-20:00- blogging/graphics work
*20:00-20:45- shower
*20:45-21:15- tidy bedroom
*21:15-21:30- eating tea
*21:30- 00:10- blogging
*00:15-07:15 SLEEP (!)

Friday 21st January 2011.

*07:15-08:10- blogging, get ready, dressed, etc.
*08:10-08:20- breakfast
*08:20- leave for uni
*08:40- arrive at uni, blogging

Friday, 14 January 2011

Time Management.

In today's PPD morning session, we reviewed our personal time management, and calculated how our time was spent in an average day, or week.

My time is divided, as follows...


College Activities

-Walking to-and-from uni- 40 minutes per day.
-Time working in the studio/mac suite/library (7 hours per day).
-Working on uni work at home (7 hours per day).

Domestic Activities

-Food Shopping (1 hour per week).
-Cleaning and hoovering kitchen and bedroom (2 hours per week).
-Washing and ironing (3 hours per week).
-Eating! (9 hours per week).
-Washing and drying up dishes (2 hours per week).

Social Activities

-Boyfriend time! (one eveing per week- usually at weekends).
-Ringing parents (1 hour per week).
-SLEEP! (upto 25 hours per week).


-Working 12 hours per week part time at Nisa local.
-Working up to 12 hours per week at LCA (student ambassador)
-Photography shoots- up to 10/15 hours per week.
-Etsy sales- promotion and distribution, up to 2 hours per week.

Time dedicated to college activities:

1. Time with friends: 10%
2. Blogging 20%
3. CTS and tutorials 10%
4. Visual langauge 15%
5. Briefings 10%
6. Collecting camera equiptment(!) 10%
7. Eating lunch 2%
8. PPD 5%
9. Computer-aided design 17%

Time dedicated to general activities:

1. Uni Work 25%
2. Cleaning and home 10%
3. Part-Time Employment 20%
4. Eats and treats 10%
5. The weekly shop 5%
6. Time with loved ones 10%
7. 40 winks 5%
8. Online sales 5%
9. Creativity strikes 10%

My task for next week is now to go on to record my actions of every single way for the next seven days- therefore, gaining a true insight into how I spend my time, how I procrasinate, when I procrasinate, and how I can put a stop to it, and achieve the best results I possibly can in my work!